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Jerry & Marion Stolle Christmas Letter 2015
Thank you for being a part of our lives and allowing us to share ours with you.
Marion J
Stolles Seasons Sentiments 2015
Warm greetings dear family and friends,
Another Christmas season is here, my favorite time of year. 
Change, challenge, and celebration best describe the past twelve months.  
This is our fourth year living at Bethany Village and we appreciate the support, beautiful surroundings, 
and newfound friendships.
Our Christmas tree finds its home sparkling in the bedroom.  Blue, silver, and gold ornaments glisten against the white lights – so beautiful especially at night.  Glitter stars hang from the ceiling.  A lighted glass Holy Family nestled next to the green branches.  The Bose fills the room with Christmas and Christian music.
You might wonder why all the decoration in our bedroom.
It is a new season in our lives with dramatic changes, ongoing challenges, and blessings in the midst of it all.
Jerry’s health took a downward turn the end of July.  His chronic Lyme’s disease manifests itself with inflammation, swelling, and pain in his left knee causing him to be bedridden.  Much of his speech is difficult to understand.  Some of the time he is confused.  Pain from his left leg occurs when he needs to be turned or lifted.  He requires complete 24/7 care.  Much of the time he sleeps - a blessing for him.
Through the challenges, God’s blessings abound.  There are many that take place in his room.  It has become a combination bedroom, family room, dining room, and office.  It is a blessing that his room is a large space.
 In spite of the changes and challenges, we celebrate our Heavenly Father for who He is and how He provides:
     ~Daily assistance with feeding and personal care.  The aides are quality people who have become like family.
     ~Weekly visits from Jerry’s family physician.  What a compassionate person and an encouragement to us!
     ~Ability to sit in a Geri chair two to three times a day using a Hoyer lift.
     ~Experiencing the outdoors through a wall of windows. 
     ~View of the Christmas tree and other decorations from his bed.
     ~Uplifting Christian and Christmas music from the radio.
     ~Visits from family and friends.
     ~Monthly lunches with Bible group of twenty years.  
     ~A community of prayer and support given in physical presence, text, email, snail mail, phone, or postings on 
       a site called Caringbridge.
     ~Moments of alertness when Jerry makes eye contact and knows what I am saying to him.
       Oh those facial expressions – a raised eyebrow – an endearing smile - so unique to him!
We give thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  (Ephesians 5:20)
The end of July I started using a website called:   At the site, you type in a personal password, then the name, Jerry Stolle.  Here you can read my updates and contribute comments if you wish.   We have found this an excellent tool for communication.  It has also been an encouragement to us.  I invite you to visit us at this site.
We connected with Crossroads Hospice the end of July.  What a blessing that was and continues to be.
One of their aides comes four mornings a week to assist with care.  They sponsored an event called, Gift of the Day.
This was an opportunity to do something memorable for Jerry.  Because our family farm has always been a home away from home for Jerry since a young boy, I chose the theme, “Down on the Farm.”  Jerry can’t go to the farm so Crossroads brought the farm to Bethany the end of September outside our front porch by the lake.   Jerry was able to be wheeled outdoors using his Geri chair.  He had his fishing pole in hand of course!  A friend, radio commentator, walked everyone through all the activities that not only Jerry enjoyed, but also that he graciously shared with others.  
Great memories over the years in all seasons hosting campouts, hayrides, picnics, clay bird shootings, fishing, four wheeling, Harley rides, snowmobiling, orienteering, hiking, marriage vow renewals, baby showers, etc.
The lakeside was filled with a hay wagon, tractor, Harley, fire pit with s’mores, fishing gear, row boat, kayak, blown up photos of Springlea Farm on signs placed in the ground, delicious food, two fat chickens, a pig, various labs and other dogs (Jerry is a lover of dogs and dogs are a lover of him).  After the fishing attired chaplain led in prayer, all sang Amazing Grace.  Each person was given a helium balloon and as they thought of loved ones, released them over the lake.  What a special event for Jerry, family, friends, and neighbors!  It was a touching, heart-warming experience for all.  He continues to demonstrate what I have coined as his trademark that keeps giving – his light, laughter, and love.  
We always enjoy Matt and Abbey visits from NYC.  They are busy with their jobs and love their doggie boys through Abbey’s canine business.  It is always a delight to hear about all their endeavors!  They bring joy to our lives!
In addition to 24/7 caregiving, I continue to operate my health and wellness business providing service to loyal customers of 35 years from computer and phone.  It is a pleasure to offer educational resources and breakthrough innovation products that continue to make a positive difference.  Partnering with a scientific leader is a privilege.  It is also an honor to celebrate the 100thanniversary of Dr. Shaklee creating the first multivitamin in the U.S. and reaffirm the commitment to helping people live better lives.  Our lives are a testimonial as to how life-enhancing products create healthier living.  Jerry’s doctor has told me how impressed she is in the way these products make a difference over the years especially with Jerry’s medical condition.  Feel free to visit my site and learn how to achieve healthy living:   I remain available – just as close as your computer and phone – for scheduling free, personal wellness appointments.
This year has indeed been a year of change, challenge, and celebration. 
It is a new season in our lives.  Through it all our desire is that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, is evident.  It is His strength, wisdom, and love that sustains us.  We never know what a moment will bring.  We do know He is the only constant in our lives.  God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. (Psalm 73:23-26)
What a priceless gift to celebrate each second of life as we celebrate Christmas!   I bring you the most joyful news ever announced, and it is for everyone!  The Savior—yes the Messiah, the Lord—has been born tonight in Bethlehem. (Luke 2:10-11)  Our hope and promise for the future is bright because Christ lives.
Wishing you a warmest Christmas and a meaningful celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you for being a part of our lives!  Love from us to you!
Marion & Jerry
We always enjoy hearing from you!  Marion & Jerry Stolle,     937-657-9292   
Jerry’s Journey on Caring Bridge:   Marion’ site:
Got a message from Craig Holzfaster who was sorry he couldn't come to the event but was in Graceland Chapel in Vegas with Elvis getting married again!  Congratulations to Craig & Judy....looks like it was quite the wedding!!!
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Pamela Gregg (Amon)
Profile picture
Retired nurse Married
Send Pamela a MessageSend Pamela a Message
Doug Bauer
Retired Married 2
I have been retired for several years after having worked for Westinghouse, Cessna, and finally Centek, mostly in the area of human resources.  Judy and I continue to raise our two special needs children who live with us.  I enjoy singing in our church choir and volunteering at an assisted living center here.  I have two "bionic" knees to help me keep up.  Time has certainly flown by, but I love the journey. Send Doug a MessageSend Doug a Message
Judy Henderson (Bauer)

I have been very happily married to Doug Bauer for the past forty-five years.  We've lived in four states and have enjoyed each one.  I am a retired English teacher (no surprise there, huh?), having spent most of my career teaching at the middle school level.  I volunteer for the Thomasville Entertanment Foundation, for an assisted living center as co-charman of their Alzheimer's support group, and for our church.  Life is good!

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Anne Ash (Branning)
Real Estate Broker Widowed 2
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Margaret 'Peg' Fogt (Cothern)
retired Married
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Cathy Calvert (Fay)
Tennis Pro/ Retired Teacher and Tennis Coach Married 2
  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  It should be a good time at our reunion.   I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.
     Life has been good to me.  Wonderful husband and sons.  My job did not seem like work.   I am still able to play tennis on a competitive team.  Love to travel, kayak, bicycle, garden, cook, birdwatch, and sing and ring bells in our church choirs.  
     Looking forward to remembering old times together.   
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Elizabeth Blandford (Gerber)
volunteer Married 3
I used to think 50th reunions were for "old fuddy-dutties." Now I am one, but only partially. I like to think I am as young and active as I was in 1963. I attended and graduatrd from Centre College, taught school,married Dixon Gerber and helped him through medical school and orthopaedic residency. Our 3 children are married and have produced 11 grandchildren  Wow are we lucky! Lumberton,NC is our home,but our favorite family gathering place is our cottage on Drummond Island, Michigan. Looking foward to seeing everyone in October.  Betty Gerber
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Molly Jaeger (Jaeger-Begent)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Artist (retired CFO Construction Co) Married
Highlschool was a challenge but I am very glad I was able to go to Oakwood...every time I come "home" I am amazed at what a nice area Oakwood is.  At that time in my life all I wanted to do was get out of Ohio!!!  Which is what I did - I am currently retired from running our construction company in San Diego for over 20 years.  My husband and I have embarked on our current carrer as Artists for over 3 years now and are having a wonderful time.  We have 2 boys neither of which is married yet so no grand kids.  It is so much fun to see all of you every couple of years and catch up....we've all had very interesting lives and who would have thought we'd EVER get to our 50th!!!  Been a priveledge being the class secretary for the past couple of years - hope to see all of you at the 50th! Send Molly a MessageSend Molly a Message
Dave Kennett
Profile picture
Attorney Married 1
Susy and I are some of the few who have remained here in Dayton due to our respective careers. Our son John was smart and after marriage in '94 moved to Scottsdale where he and his wife have raised our 2 beautiful granddaughters, Kyra and Kirsten, now 14 and 10. So at least we have a great place to go in winter and we do so often.  Our summers are spent at our beach house in Delaware. Looking forward to seeing everyone in October. Send Dave a MessageSend Dave a Message
Jane Leland (Langdon)
Profile picture
Profile picture
painter/illustrator Married
Thanks, Molly, for the fun website.  And, thanks to everyone who is working on the reunion.  I am planning to be there and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I am not sure yet if Brad can join me...he works on weekends.   Currently Brad and I are living in Indiana (just 2 hours from my mother in Dayton).  Brad is a Unity Minister and I am a "preacher's wife" by association...:o)!!!  The "now photo" is our fun family.
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Allan Lewis
judge Widowed 2
I have twins --  Jessica of Vienna, Va. who works for a golf course management group and Andrew of San Diego who recently graduated with an advanced degree from UCLA in social work.  See you at the reunion.
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Robert Pryor
Profile picture
Director of Buddhist Studies Married 4
I would love to come to the reunion in October, as this is an important anniversary for all of us.  However I will be leading Antioch's Buddhist Studies Program in India in the fall.  Hope that you all have a wonderful time.  I will enjoy the photos.
All the Best,
Kitty Nevin (Rieske)
Profile picture
Special education aide Married 2
 Married to Dennis Rieske also '63 Send Kitty a MessageSend Kitty a Message
Kitty Nevin (Rieske)
Retired teacher aide Married 2
Dennis and I celebrated 44 years of marriage this summer, and I officially retired from my retirement job as a teacher's aide to high school students with mild to moderate special needs. Dennis still is practicing architecture on a smaller scale. Our daughter and son both married wonderful people in 2010. Son and daughter-in-law live in NYC, and my daughter and son-in-law live in Bethel, ME. We are looking forward to this trip kicking off retirement travel. 
Send Kitty  a MessageSend Kitty a Message
Barbara French (Shapiro)
RN Married 1
Thoughts after B'day bash: Thanks to Phil for an exquisite class photo!  Wow, do we all  look great!  Last Sat at 2:30 am I was in inner city Dayton in my rental silver Mustang among the hookers & the people of the night, looking for the Dayton Marriott, wondering if I was going to make this reunion alive!  Altho, I was in Dayton for approx. 24 hrs., it was so worth it to see everyone again after so many years.  So many memories, and memories of those no longer with us.  With all the horrible events in the world today, aren't we lucky to have our little cocoon of Oakwood.   Hugs to all, Barbara Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
Steve Stevens
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Retired Married 1
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Jerry Stolle
Profile picture
Jerry Stolle
Profile picture
Retired Industrialist Married 1

Looking forward to another reunion!  Thankfulness is how I would describe my life.  I am retired from a family business.  Marion and I continue to share life’s adventures.  Our son, Matt, is married. He works and lives in Manhattan.  I recognize every day is a gift and I am so blessed to live a life with hope in a sovereign God. (I John 5: 11-13) Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Tommy Thomas
Profile picture
Profile picture
General Supervisor {Allied Signal) ret. Married

Barb and I moved back to Oakwood almost twenty years ago. We have (3) children. Brian living in West Milton, Oh. Abby in Denver, Co. and Brad in New York City.  We have (3) grandchildren, Justin and twins Kralee and Collin. We have spent a lot of our free time stalking  Steve Stevens and wife Anna when they lived in England and now Fl. I'm sure the reunion will be a lot of fun.  

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John Tuck
Married 3
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Richard Ward
semi-retired Divorced 5
Been living in Utah since 2002 (after the Olympics) . . .lived in Tampa Bay area for 34 yrs . . .golf and church work are my passions.  Really looking forward to the Big 50th !!!
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David Wilson
Profile picture
Planner Married 3
I look forward to seeing you all.
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Chris Zurbuchen
Retired! Single 2
50 year HS reunion!  Dang!  Thanks to committee for all your work.  I'm loving retirement from Dayton Metro Library IT dept. since Jan. 2012.  Last year did Bike & Barge tour Loire Valley, France.  Then 3 weeks in Swiss Alps ending with Swiss family Zurbuchen reunion.  This year hiking Smokey Mtns., 2 wk tour in Ireland, 2 wks in Seattle (daughter Emilie's home), then driving to New England after reunion.  Blessed to enjoy good health and good life.  Looking forward to seeing old friends!
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