Below is our Class Poem from our 70th Birthday Bash and our Class Will which was transcribed from a typed copy that was handed out during our senior year (misspellings and all!)...
CLASS POEM (by Lisa Wiles Raser)

When we were quite young,
          just sheep in the fold,
we thought it quite horrid
          that one should grow old.
That lines would appear
            where none used to be
was certainly something
          that we’d never see.
No gray hair would sprout,
          as weeds do in grass,
and just thinking of such
          left us totally aghast.
And what else would occur
          in this period of “Old”?
Flat fee and fat hands -
          mildew and mold?
Now life’s moved along
          and we’re far from the fold,
where we’ve certainly redefined
          this world called “Old.”
The “lines” show our wisdom,
          silver hair is “unique”:
there’s no mildew or mold,
          fat hands or flat feet.
And as we sit to reflect
          we’re delighted to find
that “Old” simply is…
          one’s OWN state of mind!
                        Lisa Wiles Raser, Class of ‘63

CLASS WILL - (do you all remember what these were even about?!?)
  • Doug "Chipmonk" Lane leaves his football outfit to June Pinell
  • Kitty Nevin leaves a year's supply of brownie points to Kim Davis
  • Maria Preonas leaves her supply of bokalava to Greg Karas
  • Bill Yarger leaves his dancing ability to Joe Chamberlain
  • Patty Murphy is leaving Phil Newbold to Debby Metcalf
  • Marcia Price leaves Brad in the butcher shop
  • Doug Bouer leaves his moose head to the library fireplace
  • Allan Lewis leaves his affection for Oakwood girls to Brad Martin
  • Peg Bokma wills her makeup to Sarah Kirgis
  • Gary Antrobus leaves his atomotive genious to Ace Verdelis
  • Gene Ballard leaves his fickle disposition to Phil Echhart
  • Carol Cooper leaves her quite personality to Diane Shimalman
  • Seventh period auditorium study hall leaves Mr. Schantz the Hair Eyeball
  • Steve Shellabarger leaves his math ability to George Rabb
  • Stuart Ducker wills his MG, racing suit, ascot, dark glasses an baret to whoever is crazy enough to want them
  • Pete Willsey leaves his shiney ears to WING radio tower to keep the airplanes away
  • Bill Treat leaves his gym shorts out on the field
  • Margie Stephens leaves her No Doz pills to next year's economics class
  • Dave Theobald leaves his baby blue head covers to Charles Deuser's jeep
  • Bob Davidson leaves his memories of Georgiana Cladwll to Phil Grout
  • Allen Worth leaves his pedestal in room 36 to Sanford Stowe
  • Rick Richter leaves his ablity to chabge colors to Charles Dueser's hair
  • David Brumbaugh leaves Debbie to Phil
  • Jenny Burns leaves what's let o her car out on Schantz
  • Marg Colvin leaves her choir Pres. to Jim Creamer
  • Andy Ekernas leaves the U.S.A. little worse for wear
  • The Senior Girls leave Leslie Bahl to her many imaginary loves
  • Dick Wagner leaves Kitty Geis to Buzzie Pierce
  • The Senior Girls leave Jack Kniesley and Pete Willsey to Kit Benham
  • The Senior Boys leave their collection of silver dollars to Sussie Brown
  • Rusty Gilmore leaves his moods to Kenny Stillwagon
  • Elaine Collier wills her duck to the biology lab
  • Mary Lou Mellinger leaves it ALL to Mary Hadler
  • Carolyn Martin wills her love for underclassmen to Barb Tantum
  • Paul Snavely leaves one used cast to Jon Edwards
  • Bill Somers does not leave Chris
  • Jane Spoonhour has left Tom Goetz
  • Davv Wilson leaves his iron handed rule to anyone tyrannical enough to take it
  • Betty Blandford wills her personality to Christine Kuhns
  • Carolyn Hayes wills her height to Emily Brower
  • Candy Coughnour leaves her NATURALLY blond hair to Susie Brown
  • Barb Knorr leaves her sexey eyes to Vicky Honeyman
  • Louis leaves his racing helmet to Kenny Stillwagon
  • Paula Allemang wills her sweetness to Pinky Morris
  • The Seniors leave Paula Allemang behind until she grows some more
  • Ron Schwart leaves his triode powered 1500 MF cascade ultraviolet thermometer to Mr. Sipe
  • Gail Bryant wills her crown to Kristan Kuhns
  • Cathy Calvert leaves Steve
  • Louis leaves his last name to whoever can pronounce it
  • Susie Bush, Deanne Darrow, Annie Ash, and Margot Herbruck leave Mr. Strosburgh's study hall -- every 4th period
  • Judy Henderson leaves herself to Senorita Campbell
  • Bonnie Holiday leaves her leopard skin to Becky McLaughlin
  • Davie Wilson leaves his job on the youth forum to whoever wants to get out of 22 days of school
  • The Acorn staff leaves Mr. Weber to Miss Chrisman
  • Dick Ward leaves his Charles Atlas Muscle Building book to Lexey Young
  • Burk Schantz wills the libray his rule book for 20 questions
  • Joyce Ohl leaves a pint of blood to the Jr. Red Cross--Oakwood Chapter
  • Maria Prionas leaves her similarity to Miss McNelly
  • Rae Reynolds leaves her ability to drive to anyone who has the guts to take it
  • Jerry Stolle leaves the wedding ring in a jewelry store
  • Victor Norton leaves his figure to the needy Junior girls
  • Gus Altick leaves HER convertible to Sandy Sullivan
  • Bill Yarger wills his camp-out sweat shirt to whoever will wash it
  • The Senior JCOWA travelers will their I.D. cards to next year's fun-loving travelers
  • Anny Ash leaves her permanent wave to Dennie Schenck
  • Chris Holmes wills her birthday pen to next year's senior English students
  • Bob Gelhard leaves his nature of being a cassanova to Bruce Snyder
  • Cynthia Cleg wills the remains of her house after the senior party to the juniors for their senior party
  • John Tuck leaves Oakwood High School to Dicky, Jimmy, Minney, Stevey, Mikey, Petey, Tony, and Mary
  • Bob Davidson leaves his copy of Thomas Paine's COMMON SENSE to Chris Boudette
  • Barb Knorr leaves Pearl Harbor to the Japanese
  • Linda Downey leaves her car keys somewhere around here
  • Kathy Oelman leaves "LOVE OF LIVE" to Sherry Jorgensen
  • Margot Herbruck leaves her 12:00 curfew to whoever thinks it will come in handy