There are a bunch of us on Facebook and there has been a lot of buzz on the names of everyone in our old class pictures.  I will put up the names as they are remembered - now this will tax our memories for sure!!!!

Here are the names so far for this picture.  You can come on this blog to add comments if you remember some that have been left out and I will add them in ...almost have everyone in this class!

Consensus is that this is Harmon Third Grade Picture:
Top Row:Timmy Beavis, Molly Jaeger, Jack Kniesley, Patty Murphy, Dave Brumbaugh, Dev Uhl, Marcia Price, Cynthia Clegg, Michael Lewis, Pete Willsey
Middle Row:  Dick Ward, unknown, Bob Pryer, Claire Samaris, Phil Grout, Jane Leland, Charlie Schumacher, Bob Carlson.
Bottom Row:Kitty Nevin, Alan Lewis, Peg Parrott, Tom Alexander, unknown teacher, Linda Van Doren, Fred Gagle, Barb Deck, Jay Zulof
Harman 4th Grade: Only a couple of unknowns in this picture:
Top Row:  Hunter Watson, Jane Leland, Rusty Gilmore, Chris Holmes, David Brumbaugh, Pete Willsey, Moly Jaeger, Dev Uhl?, teacher Mrs. Rightmeyer.
Next row from top: Charlie Schumacher, Barbara Deck, Phil Grout, Deanne Darrow Jack Kniesley, unknown, John Weitzel , Pam Gregg.
2nd row:: Kitty Nevin, Dick Wagner, Maria Preonas, Liza Thiele, Linda Van Doran, Ron Courchene, Margot Herbruck.
First Row: Jay Zulauf?, Bob Pryer, Robbie Gilliland, Steve Stevens (nice suit Steve!)
Smith Class Sixth Grade:  This one needs some work and not sure some of them are correct:

First Row:unknown, Susie Bush, Jack W, Bill Lamar, Mary Lou Mellinger, Jay DeBruinkops, Joel Lemkuhl, Rick Reidmiller, Gail Delaplane Sprague, Steve Kander, Anne Ash, David Theobald, unknown.
Second Row:unknown, unknown, Gus Altick, unknown, Peggy Fogt, Don Ardery, Stuart Ducker, John Landis, Sharon Beckman, Carolyn Schiable, Judy Whipp, unknown, Sharon Hocker, unknown.
Third Row:unknown, Margie Stevens, Dozier, unknown, unknwon, unknown, Rick Shelton, Judy Houck?, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.
Fourth Row:Gail Bryant, David Kennett, unknown, unknown, unknown, Geof Campbell, Joyce Uhl, Bill Somers, unknown, Elaine Collier, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown
Fifth Row:unknown, Leslie Bahl, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown unknown Linda Downey, unknown, Janet Harris, unknown, unknown, unknown, Margie Frame
Sixth/Top Row:Rick Miller, Carolyn Price, unknown, Doug Bauer, unknown, Jane Baker, Carolyn Martin, Don Hinkle, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Art Peters
 Here are some of the things our Facebook classmates remembered while trying to figure out who everyone in our class pictures you remember?

-Jane Leland Langdon:  Miss Krishner was first grade, and she didn't like me because I couldn't sit still. One day she made me pack up my books and go back to kindergarten for the day because I was so figity. Even though she seemed mean to me I have her to thank for my career in art. When the rest of the class was reading, she would put me in the "cloak room" with crayons and paper because I couldn't sit still. I just had too much energy to be confined to a desk all day....I guess.

Steve Stevens:  Miss Patterson made sure we all learned basic French. I thought she was a good teacher....although, she was quite strict. Of course she had me, Gagel and Wietzel to deal with.

Cathy Calvert Fay:  
Do you remember the book that Miss Pierce read to us??? It was Men of Iron. It was the biggest book I had ever seen. It must have been 1000 pages. It was about Mont St Michel in France. I was so fascinated by it, that we visited it when my husband and I visited Europe. I wished I could tell Miss Pierce. She really did influence my life a lot.

Deanne Darrow Jackson:  4th grade) And I remember we played some dictionary game looking for words and Pete always was the first to find the word. I thought that was totally unfair --- he would be first each time.... "how did he do that?"

Anne Ash Branning:  
But how many girls (or even boys) remember this big 6th grade PTA graduation controversy? There was a big PTA discussion about whether girls should wear white socks, stockings (for uniformity)or personal choice. It was decided (decreed?) that girls would wear white anklets........Harmon School got to wear stockings! Oh, the outrage, unfairness from us girls.

 Harmon graduates have done a fairly good job of figuring out who is in our class pictures - Smith graduates it is now your turn.  I have sent out an e-mail of the Smith 1st Grade Class Picture above and names are needed.  As you put your messages on this blog with names I will start adding them in. - molly

Teachers: Mrs. Minturn, Mrds Keck
First Row:unknown, Anne Ash,unknown, Jan Harris, Bob Carlson, Susan Bush, Larry Harfield
Second Row:Carolyn Schiable, unknown, Judy ?, Lynn Saxbe, Judy Whipp
Third Row:John Landis, unknown, Rick Reidmiller or Dave Matthews?, unknown, David Harbottle
Fourth Row:unknown, Bob Dozier or Gary Antrobus?, Peggy Fogt, unknown, Carol Buchanan
Fifth Row: Howard Linard, Sharon Hocker, Rob Gililand ?, unknown, Michael Finigan
Sixth Row:Sharon Beckman, Bob Dozier, Donna Paull, unknown, Margie Frame
Seventh/Top Row/standing:unknown, Steve Kramer, Don Ardery, Todd Soldi, unknown
Kids Standing on Left Side/bottom to top: Craig Holzfater, Marianna Miller, Randy Bothman, unknown, Alan Worth, unknown
This page is for all you bloggers out there - well, not so sure our class is a bunch of bloggers but this is just like Facebook actually.  Anyone can pick any subject and we can all jump in the discussion or just read what is being discussed like the discussions below on "so who are these people?!?!